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welcome to our drop-off site.

Simple, Repaybay is your local "for sale" noticeboard on a national scale. Designed to replace awkward with auction, this site serves as a virtual drop off point for those items you want to sell without the uncomfortable price negotiations or the tendency to feel like you are giving it away. We also take the onerous process of postage and packaging off your hands, ensuring your parcel reaches it's destination via the most efficient method.


how it works.

  • One

    Find something to sell

    Everybody has some high quality, hardly used items they no longer need or want. Find them...

  • Three

    Tell us what you're selling

    Complete the simple item log form and receive a unique code.

  • Four

    Pair the code and item

    Attach the code to the item

  • Five

    Drop it off

    Take the item to our nearest drop off point

  • Six

    Receive payment

    We'll do everything for you and once the item's sold we will transfer your share to your account.

  • Seven

    Buy something else

    Spend your money on something new!.

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pre-loved items on offer.